Branding Projects

Brand Make-Over

Non-Profit Org. Branding


The following project is a mock brand makeover for Create Now, a non-profit organization that helps vulnerable kids through arts education programs.

Design goals: Revive the brand and create a feeling of energy, excitement and empowerment - Increase brand awareness and customer engagement. 


Created for UCLA Extension


Vibrant colors, a playful graphic, and clean-friendly typefaces create the new logo.


The website makeover embodies the colorful, clean and playful theme. 
Spirited icons keep it exciting, friendly and engaging. 

Social Media 


Unique items showcasing the new logo were created for fundraising and brand awareness.  

Environmental Events & Ads

Ads for fundraising events, such as arts festivals, were created to increase brand awareness and
generate support and donations. 

 Video Ad

This video ad was designed to promote brand awareness, and showcase the new logo.