Brochure & Book Designs

Scroll to view my brochure and book designs.  


David Yurman Jewelry

This project is a mock brochure for David Yurman, a designer jewelry company. The theme was inspired by Spring, Earth Tones, and Natural Elements.


CookBook Cover &
Interior Design

This project is a mock cover and interior design for a cookbook. I used a clean typeface and the vivid colors of the foods to give this healthy cook's guide a pop!

Microsoft Project B.A.S.I.C.S


This cover & interior designs is for  "Microsoft Project B.A.S.I.C.S.", software textbooks - designed for PMplicity, a project management training company. 

The cover designs below are for various color, black and white, and updated editions of the book. 

REMOTEtional Intelligence

This cover design is for the book "REMOTEtional Intelligence" - a guide for using Emotional Intelligence to successfully work remotely. 

Designed for PMplicity