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Project Management Playbook

5-Week Live Webinar Series - Bundle


The Project Management Playbook was designed to rapidly reskill project professionals with just-in-time tools to help them navigate the path forward. It’s developed around the Project Management Institute’s Talent Triangle, which encourages project professionals to focus their skill training on Leadership, Strategy and Technical competencies, with an emphasis on digital transformation.

Each week, you'll join a 2-hour live webinar featuring the five "Plays" described below. 


Seats are limited (100 max.) Event dates and times are listed below. Reserve you spot today! 



REMOTEtional Intelligence


Play 1 Objectives

Play 1, REMOTEtional Intelligence is a leadership play built on the premise that remote work should INCREASE and not decrease performance. In 2 hours, you’ll learn effective tactics you can apply immediately to begin delivering optimal results from any location. You’ll take an assessment to determine your readiness level for remote work and learn tactics to increase your remote readiness level, establish a sense of presence, earn and extend smart trust, inspire optimal performance, develop a communication plan and close trust gaps.

Play 1 Outcomes
  • Explain why remote work should increase performance

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a remote worker

  • Strategies to immediately improve remote performance

  • Distinguish performance issues from remote worker readiness issues

  • Describe the tools required for optimal remote work

  • Develop a Communication Plan for managers, co-workers and customers

  • Describe effective ways to establish a sense of Presence

  • Effective responses to 7 common concerns about remote work

  • Develop effective Monitoring and Trust strategies

  • 5 objective, pandemic-proof performance measures

  • Effective strategies for closing trust gaps

Play 2

Make it Manageable!

Play 2 Objectives

Play 2, Make it Manageable is a technical play, designed to enable project professionals to manage new, unfamiliar projects for which there is no established template. In 2 hours, you’ll learn to break down any project into manageable parts for better project control, reporting and delivery. You’ll learn to build stakeholder confidence in your ability to successfully deliver new, high-profile projects by decomposing them to show how and when you will deliver the product, service or result. 


Play 2 Outcomes

  • Break down projects into manageable parts

  • Identify the major deliverables of the project

  • Organize the project into logical phases/groupings

  • Identify the tasks that will deliver each phase of the project

  • Strategies for accurate forecasting

  • Processes for detecting issues

  • Tactics for addressing project issues and delays

  • Effective structures for organized reporting and risk tracking

Play 3

Transcend Dysfunction

Play 3 Objectives

Play 3, Transcend Team Dysfunction is a leadership play rooted in the reality that no team, even if they’re highly skilled, can navigate the rough winds ahead if they’re struggling with dysfunction. This field-tested play delivers practical tools for overcoming Patrick Lencioni’s five team dysfunctions. In 2 hours, you’ll learn effective tactics to overcome the absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, inattention to results and lack of accountability.


Play 3 Outcomes

  • Identify teams with high and low dysfunction

  • Explain the role and importance of trust

  • Identify the behaviors of relationship trust

  • Identify five conflict management styles

  • Identify signs of over and under use of your preferred style

  • Identify best practices for motivating the modern workforce

  • Identify strategies for awakening your motivation

  • Learn tips for balancing trust with accountability

  • Learn tips for creating psychological safety

  • Learn tips for safely addressing sub-optimal performance

  • Explain the correlation between integrity and results orientation

  • Identify the components of capability

  • Distinguish an activity mindset from a results mindset

Play 4

Adapt and Win! Driving the Digital Transformation

Play 4 Objectives

Play 4, Adapt and Win! Driving the Digital Transformation is a strategic play, designed to transport you from fearful passivity to bold optimism about the digital transformation and the new normal! In 2 hours, you’ll learn effective strategies for navigating disruption within your industry, organization, leadership, team and job function.


Play 4 Outcomes

  • Explain the four drivers of the digital transformation

  • Describe the existential threat impacting incumbent businesses

  • Technical tips for exploiting AI

  • Develop strategies for disrupting yourself

  • Describe the innovator’s dilemma

  • Identify your disruptive strengths

  • Tactics for normalizing outcomes from mergers, acquisitions, and re-orgs

  • Strategies for navigating new bosses

  • Tactics for navigating new teams

  • Develop a Career Risk Management Plan

Play 5

30 Days Faster!

Play 5 Objectives

Play 5, 30 Day Faster! is a combination play involving technical prowess and leadership finesse to achieve the commodity of the new normal - speed. In 2 hours, you’ll learn to use technology, technical know-how, leverage and finesse to deliver any mission-critical project 30 days faster. You’ll learn to use hard and soft skills to spot the critical path and fast-track your schedule.


Play 5 Outcomes

  • Find the leverage you need to negotiate quicker delivery dates

  • Use leverage with finesse and sensitivity

  • Use resources more efficiently

  • Identify the scheduling apps you need to build and expedite your schedule

  • Identify the scheduling apps to avoid

  • Use scheduling apps to compress any schedule by 30 days

  • Identify your schedule’s Critical Path

  • Identify which tasks to work in parallel for maximum schedule compression

  • Effectively use lead time to fast track your schedule

  • Identify two ways to speed up your schedule

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Event dates and times are listed below.

Seats are limited (100 max.) Reserve your spot today! 

5 Week Series

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5:00 PM, PST

Starts on 5/4/21

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5 Week Series

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Starts on 5/4/21

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