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Microsoft Project B.A.S.I.C.S

This practical, learn-by-doing manual will help you master Microsoft Project and build reliable schedules, using B.A.S.I.C.S., our 6-Step scheduling process. Also includes a complete Project for the Web tutorial.



Learn strategies for working from home effectively. Use 15 emotional intelligence traits to enhance remote worker readiness, build presence, re-imagine performance, build trust, and simplify the communication process. 


Learn Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project B.A.S.I.C.S.®

This practical, learn-by-doing manual will help you master Microsoft Project and build reliable schedules in six basic steps. B.A.S.I.C.S.®, our 6-step scheduling process will bring you from a beginner to an intermediate-advance scheduler. Learn from a Microsoft-Certified Professional and PMI-Authorized instructor with over 25 years of project management experience.

You'll learn to build and execute traditional and agile schedules that you and your team can rely on. 

You’ll Learn To:

  • Break down any project into manageable parts
  • Create a schedule outline
  • Create and use task dependencies
  • Initialize a project
  • Create and manage resources
  • Manage calendars
  • Analyze and track schedules and costs
  • Use and explain Earned Value Management
  • Use the Critical Path to get projects done faster
  • Communicate project information using engaging status reports
  • Correctly close projects for future reference.

You’ll also learn to use Project for the Web, Microsoft’s newest cloud-based project management app (2023 edition only). 

*The 2023 edition is currently only available through PMplicity and Follett Book Stores. 

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Also Available as an
On-Demand Course

This video rendition of the Microsoft Project B.A.S.I.C.S. book is a complete course on Microsoft Project, including a comprehensive Project for the Web tutorial. Like the book, you’ll be introduced to software features in a meaningful and practical context. You'll also learn to build reliable schedules using the B.A.S.I.C.S. 6-step scheduling process.

It includes:

  • A complete course on Microsoft Project
  • A video for each chapter of the book
  • Work-along software demonstrations
  • A comprehensive Project for the Web tutorial (2023 edition only)
  • Stunning, lively graphics

Course available in monthly or yearly options


Microsoft Project B.A.S.I.C.S.®


For a limited time, the 2019 edition of the Microsoft Project B.A.S.I.C.S. book is still available on Amazon.com.


Overcome Remote Work Challenges

REMOTEtional Intelligence

Learn to use emotional intelligence to overcome remote work challenges and to immediately improve remote  performance.  Learn 15 emotional intelligence traits that can benefit remote workers, managers and teams by enabling remote worker autonomy, building presence, re-imagining performance, building trust, and simplifying the communication process.

You'll Learn:

  • Why remote work should increase performance
  • To identify your strengths and weaknesses as a remote worker
  • To distinguish performance issues from remote worker readiness issues
  • Tools required for optimal remote work
  • To develop a communication plan for managers, co-workers and customers
  • Effective ways to establish a sense of presence
  • Effective monitoring and trust strategies 
  • Strategies for closing trust gaps
  • Practical solutions to proactively address technical issues
  • 8 criteria for an ideal workspace
  • Effective ways to project leadership presence
  •  To apply a “Mamba Mentality” at work
  • To command the virtual room
  • Tactics for securing better performance reviews
  • The relative importance of verbal and nonverbal messages
  • Effective responses to 7 common concerns about remote work