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Play 5 - 30 Days Faster!

Live Webinar


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General Playbook Objectives

The Project Management Playbook was designed to rapidly reskill project professionals with just-in-time tools to help them navigate the path forward. It’s developed around the Project Management Institute’s Talent Triangle, which encourages project professionals to focus their skill training on Leadership, Strategy and Technical competencies, with an emphasis on digital transformation.


Play 5 Objectives

Play 5, 30 Day Faster! is a combination play involving technical prowess and leadership finesse to achieve the commodity of the new normal - speed. In 2 hours, you’ll learn to use technology, technical know-how, leverage and finesse to deliver any mission-critical project 30 days faster. You’ll learn to use hard and soft skills to spot the critical path and fast-track your schedule.


Play Outcomes

  • Find the leverage you need to negotiate quicker delivery dates

  • Use leverage with finesse and sensitivity

  • Use resources more efficiently

  • Identify the scheduling apps you need to build and expedite your schedule

  • Identify the scheduling apps to avoid

  • Use scheduling apps to compress any schedule by 30 days

  • Identify your schedule’s Critical Path

  • Identify which tasks to work in parallel for maximum schedule compression

  • Effectively use lead time to fast track your schedule


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