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REMOTEtional Intelligence

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In this webinar, you’ll learn key insights from the book REMOTEtional Intelligence. You’ll learn how 15 emotional intelligence traits can help you overcome remote work challenges. Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that establish how well we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information. It has great utility in remote work situations. It can help you become more self-reliant when working autonomously, control perceptions by projecting a sense of presence, drive and deliver optimal performance, build high-trust relationships and communicate more effectively. Learn how you can build power skills like Empathy, Emotional Awareness and Impulse Control through practical tactics you can apply immediately for productive outcomes.


Target Audience:


Remote workers who want to deliver optimal performance from any location

Managers who want to inspire optimal performance while balancing trust with accountability


Learning Objectives:


Describe how emotional intelligence can enhance remote work performance

Explain why remote work will remain relevant after you return to the office

Identify 15 relevant emotional intelligence traits,

Describe 10 ways to really combatting Zoom fatigue

Describe 10 things you can expect when you return to the office

Learn the importance of result-oriented meetings

Describe four trust quadrants

Explain why trust-building tactics must be catered to professionals in each trust quadrant:

Use emotional intelligence to overcome remote work challenges

Practically define emotional intelligence

Explain why it’s important to re-think performance

Define effective communication

Describe a process for simplifying the communication process




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